Tara Drouin is a mom, teacher, musician, and a children's book author. Her passion for writing has always been there in her songwriting. Then she combined her love for music and teaching by releasing her first book. Her goal is to spread a message of unity through diversity with her book accompanying song, entitled “One Heart”.


One Heart explores the reality of our differences - whether they be differences in eye color, skin color or hair color - inside, we all have One Heart! Tara believes that this message needs to be shared with children at a young age. 

Tara is excited to have just released her new book Red Rock Road which is also based on a song.  It is all about love, family, and tradition. The setting is at grandma and grandpa's house on Red Rock Road in the Catskills mountains of New York.  The colorful illustrations are a great way to teach children about nature and life in the mountains. Both books are available on Amazon, and the songs can be downloaded from the music page. Kids will have so much fun reading and singing along. 

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Now more than ever, the message of “One Heart” — both on the page and in the fun, upbeat tune — is needed in our world. 

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Tara Drouin’s children’s book inspired by her song, “One Heart,” is striking a chord during arduous times


across the United States.

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New Release!! Take a look inside Red Rock Road.