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Starlight is a perfect book to read to your child at bedtime. It is a great book for children who have trouble falling asleep. You can listen to the lullaby while enjoying the magical illustrations created by Barbara Owczarek. The fairies, moonbeams, and castles in the clouds will be sure to bring your child sweet dreams. "So choose your own adventure and hop into a dream." Enjoy this enchanting songbook for all the children of the world. 

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One Heart is about unity and acceptance. The book/song aims to educate students on the diversity that they see in the classroom. 

The sweet illustrations created by Nancy Noskewicz, show children of all different ethnicities. The book/song describes how we are more alike than different. That when we work together, love each other, and show kindness and respect for one another, is when we as a society succeed.


One Heart is an anthem to bring about change, starting with our children, but in our entire society. It's theme and message is universal; that we are one race, the human race. 


"When our voices come together there's nothing better." Through acceptance, kindness, and love - we can make the world a better place.

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Red Rock Road is a read and sing-along picture book for beginner readers since it has lots of rhyme and repetition. The book inspired by writer Tara Drouin's parents' home, which is a beautiful log cabin tucked away in the Catskill Mountains, in New York. The catchy tune and bright Illustrations create a fun and engaging method to teach children about the importance of family and togetherness, life in the mountains, and being one with nature.
The illustrations are created by Soumya Basnet, a talented UK based illustrator and designer, who has captured the beauty of the mountains perfectly. Her characters are adorable and are based on Tara's family. Together, they take the reader on a magical journey of what life is like on Red Rock Road.  

With the purchase of the book comes a free download of the song the book was inspired by!
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