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Our afternoon at the park...

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It was a beautiful fall afternoon. We went to take some pics for my new author site. My daughter and her friends were happy to be a part of the shoot. My talented friend Michael Rathsam agreed to meet us at the park to take the photos. I would highly recommend him. So we found a nice spot by a tree, and sat down to read One Heart. The falling leaves were all around us. I love summer but there is just something magical about fall. The changing leaves look so beautiful as the tree drifts off to sleep. I hope the change of season brings a change to our way of life. Less negativity and division, more joy and unity. I long to see my family who live far away but feel gratitude to have my family and friends who are close by. I thank everyone who has supported me on my journey. I wish you all good health and happiness.

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